Rating for Monday, February 27

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

Turkish fans were introduced to “Veda Mektubu,” a new series that had a shaky start on Channel D, thanks to the numbers for Monday, February 27. The first episode won’t likely be a deciding factor for the project’s future, so we’ll wait to make any judgments until we see how the audience responds the following week.

The series “Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu” lost 0.75% in total, 0.45% in AB, and 0.49% in ABC1. The decline is unpleasant, but considering the excellent performance of the historical project throughout its run, it doesn’t have a significant impact. Perhaps the audience will return next week, as often happens.

The series “Yasak Elma” lost 1.54% in total, 0.87% in AB, and 0.78% in ABC1. This is a significant drop in ratings, but producer Fatih Aksoy’s project should have a finale at the end of the season. However, he is already considering the possibility of extending his creation for another season, and perhaps the audience’s departure will cool down his enthusiasm.

The series “Bir Küçük GünIşığı” grew by 0.90% in total, 0.61% in AB, and 0.54% in ABC1. This endeavor was a welcome exception given the typical drop in interest in Monday series. We can only hope that the series’ creators will continue the promising trend the following week.

The series “Omer” lost 2.06% in total, 1.47% in AB, and 1.91% in ABC1. This ratings drop is most likely the result of people returning to their regular series after watching the previous episode, which was aired on a different day.

1. Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu – 6.54%⬇
3. Bir Küçük GünIşığı – 4.94%⬆
4. Yasak Elma – 4.92%⬇
7. Omer – 3.96%⬇
15. Veda Mektubu – 2.32%🆕

1. Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu – 6.28%⬇
2. Omer – 5.38%⬇
4. Yasak Elma – 3.93%⬇
7. Bir Küçük GünIşığı – 2.94%⬆
14. Veda Mektubu – 1.98%🆕

1. Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu – 6.54%⬇
2. Omer – 5.36%⬇
4. Yasak Elma – 4.86%⬇
5. Bir Küçük GünIşığı – 4.38%⬆
13. Veda Mektubu – 2.52%🆕