Elçin Sangu and her boyfriend made a scandal

Elçin Sangu

Elçin Sangu

According to the most recent news from Orkun Un from the newspaper Hurriyet, Elçin Sangu, the star of the well-known TV series “Croupier,” and her boyfriend Yunus Ozdiken, who just so happened to be there by coincidence, got into a fight last week with a mother who came to pick up her child from school.

The journalist claims that this happened because of a pointless circumstance that escalated into a dispute. Elçin’s boyfriend signaled for her to step aside, but she refused, yelling at the couple instead (apparently, the request was quite rude, if it provoked such a reaction). This is only one side of the story, though, and Orkun Un proposes that Yunus Ozdiken and Elçin Sangu may each provide their own version of the events.

In any case, the journalist gives the advice to be more cautious around schools and to keep your calm during these difficult times.

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