Lawsuit against the producers of the series “Teşkilat”

Organization / Teşkilat

Organization / Teşkilat

Birsen Altuntaş reports that the producers of the series “Teşkilat” have been sued by director Yusuf Kurtoglu, who made an internet series with the same title. It turns out that he had the rights to the trademark.

Initially, an agreement was reached with the director, and the series was aired under the same title. However, Yusuf Kurtoglu later filed a lawsuit against the company Tims&B, accusing the producers of unfair competition.

The expert opinion recognized the infringement of rights arising from the registration of the trademark owned by Yusuf Kurtoglu. The final expert report states that although the storylines of the two series offered to viewers are different, they can cause confusion. Therefore, the defendant’s use of the same name may create unfair competition.

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