Çağlar Ertuğrul explained why he left the series ‘Intelligence’

The sudden departure of from the series “Intelligence / Teşkilat” caused surprise among the fans of the project. The actor tried to explain the reasons for his departure in a new appeal to the fans.

Çağlar Ertuğrul explained in his latest video that he had two reasons at once to leave the cast of the “Intelligence / Teşkilat” series. First, he signed a contract with TIMS&B to film the third part of Alper Caglar’s movie “The Mountain” next year.

Secondly, while working on the project, he experienced several injuries that at first did not cause concern. He hoped everything would work out. However, in the end, it turned out that the situation was more complicated than he had anticipated. Also, the doctor forbade participation in action scenes. Producers and screenwriters went along, changed some details, sometimes he even had to hold a gun in his left hand. But, alas, it did not work out as it should. It must be taken into account that “Intelligence” is an action show and action scenes are simply necessary, the audience is waiting for this. So it was with a heavy heart that he decided to leave the project.

Note that many are wondering why Çağlar talks about leaving the series for so long and why his colleagues, as well as the producers of the show, did not say goodbye to him. What actually happened? Why does the actor make such a strong excuse?

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