Ayça Bingöl and Serkay Tütüncü will star together in a new TV series

Ayça Bingöl

Ayça Bingöl

Famous producer Fatih Aksoy, known for series like “Woman,” “Mother,” and “Forbidden Fruit,” is preparing for a new female-centric show, with Ayça Bingöl playing the lead role. What do we know about the series so far?

Popular Turkish actress Ayça Bingöl, last seen in the Gold Film series “Heartache” on the state channel TRT1, has chosen her next project. In the coming autumn, viewers will see her in a new series produced by Medyapım for the channel FOX TV called “Dirty Basket” (Kirli Sepeti), where she will portray a character named Songül.

The series “Dirty Basket” will tell the story of women who work as maids in an elite neighborhood. The events will unfold with the maid named Meryem jumping out from the roof of the villa where she works. This tragic incident will greatly impact Songül, who also works in the neighborhood, and her daughter İlkgül, who is studying at the university.

Serkay Tütüncü has also joined the cast of the series, playing the role of a journalist named Kahraman, conducting his own investigation. The slogan of the series is “We cleaned their homes, not their hearts.” The director is Merve Girgin.

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