Will Çağatay Ulusoy play the role of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk?

Çağatay Ulusoy

Çağatay Ulusoy

Last week, the Turkish press made headlines about Çağatay Ulusoy being offered the role of the first President of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. However, is this information accurate?

The producers of Statü Film, Galip Güner and Elin Ecealp, are preparing for the shooting of a historical film dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic. The film, “Republic / Cumhuriyet,” will tell the story of the 24 hours that passed between Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s announcement that they are ready to declare the Turkish Republic and October 29, when those words became a reality. What happened during this time? The screenplay of the film is written by Deniz Aydık. The shooting will take place in the city of Kula, in the province of Manisa.

The preparation for the movie has been going on for several years. The focus of the events is not only the national struggle but also the real love story of front-line lieutenant Galip, and it is this role that was offered to Çağatay Ulusoy. According to the Turkish press, the actor has not yet given his consent, although he has a positive attitude towards the film.

However, Çağatay’s manager, Engin Aykanat, sarcastically remarked that everyone is trying to promote themselves. Well, continue then. There is no such project. It seems that the creators of the movie decided to attract attention to their film in this simple way, as the name of a big star always arouses interest among viewers. It should be noted that the only confirmed movie for Çağatay Ulusoy in the fall is the film by the media holding Mars Entertainment Group, as announced personally by its head, Muzaffer Yıldırım.

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