The casting for the series “Dirty Bin / Kirli Sepeti” is still ongoing

Dirty Bin / Kirli Sepeti

Dirty Bin / Kirli Sepeti

Preparation for the series “Dirty Bin / Kirli Sepeti” continues, produced by Medyapım for the FOX channel. The series will tell the story of Meriem, a cleaner in a luxurious neighborhood, and the mysterious events that unfold after her suicide.

Ayça Bingöl will play the role of the cleaner Songül, while Serkay Tütüncü will portray the journalist Kahraman, investigating the suicide. The actress for the role of Songül’s daughter, İlkay, is still unknown.

In addition, the cast of the series includes Jeren Moray, who will play the cleaner Hayriye; Cansu Tosun as the cleaner Medine; and Bestemsu Özdemir as the house owner, where Hayriye, the character, works. Negotiations are underway with Aydan Şener, who may play the role of the house owner where Songül works. The director is Merve Girgin.

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