The success of the 2nd season of “The Tailor” opens up new prospects for Turkish series

The Tailor / Terzi

The Tailor / Terzi

Great news for fans of Çağatay Ulusoy! The 2nd season of the series “The Tailor” has proven to be equally successful as the first, opening wonderful prospects for the Turkish television industry on international digital platforms.

On June 28th, Netflix presented its subscribers with the 2nd season of the Turkish series “The Tailor,” starring Çağatay Ulusoy, Salih Bademci, and Şifanur Gül. It’s worth noting that the series premiered in May and debuted as the top-ranking non-English language series on the digital platform.

While the significant interest in the 1st season can be attributed to the presence of Çağatay Ulusoy in the cast, who is well-known to international audiences due to his previous successful projects, the creators of the show awaited the premiere of the 2nd season with great anticipation. This is because the series was produced in the style of classic Turkish television shows, and many believed that such a filming approach might deter viewers. The audience’s reaction to the 2nd season of “The Tailor” could provide objective information about whether this format is suitable for users of the international platform.

The 2nd season of “The Tailor,” which debuted on Netflix in the 7th spot, advanced to the 2nd spot in the 2nd week, and in the 3rd week of showing, it claimed the 4th spot among all non-English language series on the international platform. The series was in the top rankings in 65 countries around the world. The total number of watching hours over 3 weeks amounted to 48.1 million, with a total of 8.9 million viewers. Interestingly, the 1st season also returned to the top 10, ranking 8th and 9th, respectively, accumulating 66.3 million viewing hours over its 15 weeks on the platform.

The 2nd season outperformed the 1st season in terms of viewing during the 2nd and 3rd weeks. Moreover, the number of countries increased from 39 in the first season to 65 in the second season during the second week. Thus, the 2nd season has shown better dynamics than the 1st. The 1st season’s unexpected return to the top reflects a significant achievement for Turkish productions on the platform for the first time.

Even in the face of huge international premieres like the third season of “The Witcher,” the 1st and 2nd seasons of the TV show in Turkey continue to occupy the top 2 rankings among all platform series. In conclusion, the traditional Turkish TV series format has proven to be popular with foreign viewers. It was slightly modified to meet the requirements of the digital platform by cutting the episode length by roughly an hour. It demonstrates that Turkish television projects on digital platforms have a promising future.

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