The series “Blue Cage” was canceled

Blue Cage / Maviye Sürgün

Blue Cage / Maviye Sürgün

Show TV channel has decided to prematurely conclude the airing of the 25-episode series “Blue Cage / Maviye Sürgün.” The show will bid farewell to its viewers after the 13th episode.

This summer, Show TV channel acquired the rights to broadcast the series “Blue Cage / Maviye Sürgün,” which was produced by O3 Medya for Latin America. The series consists of 25 episodes.

While viewers of the series were confident that “Maviye Sürgün” would remain unaffected by television ratings, Show TV channel’s management surprised them with the news of the series being taken off the air after the 13th episode.

Previously, the series had already changed its broadcast day and was moved to a later time slot, but this did not improve the ratings. The sudden decision to cancel the series immediately sparked outrage among TV viewers. Many hope that the remaining episodes will at least be published on the series’ YouTube channel, but Show TV and O3 Medya have refrained from making any comments on this matter.

About the Series

Camlik, where the only sound heard until recently was the waves crashing on the shore, awaits days filled with love, passion, and secrets. The love triangle between Ali, Defne, and Ozan will affect everyone around them. The days lived cannot be changed or forgotten…

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