Revenge, ambition and love in the Turkish TV series ‘My Wonderful Life’

My Wonderful Life / Şahane Hayatım

My Wonderful Life / Şahane Hayatım

The television company Ay Yapim has unveiled the long-awaited trailer for the new series on the FOX channel, “My Wonderful Life / Şahane Hayatım.” The show, created by screenwriter Meriç Acemi and director Çağrı Bayrak, recently began filming and will soon be presented to the channel’s audience.

We can expect a strong ensemble cast and a captivating storyline. It’s no wonder that the series is considered one of the most anticipated premieres of the new season, especially due to the cast. The leading roles in the series are played by Hilal Altınbilek, Onur Tuna, Yiğit Özşener, Serkan Keskin, Nesrin Cavadzade, and Sumru Yavrucuk.

Hilal will portray a happy wife and mother of two named Şebnem, who lives with her husband Onur. However, behind this glamorous life, there are secrets, ambitions, love, and fear. The main heroine has faced significant injustices in her life. She has put in maximum effort to overcome the difficulties and now seeks to rid herself of them. However, her criminal past, which she tried to forget, catches up with her once again. Onur Tuna will play the role of Commissioner Mesut, and Serkan Keskin will portray Niyazi, a character closely linked to Hilal’s character in the past. The series will begin with scenes where a coffin is carried out of a luxurious house. Flashbacks depicting the main heroine’s poor childhood and youth are also expected.

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