Rating for Sunday, October 8, 2023

Ratings of Turkish TV

Ratings of Turkish TV

The series “Yargı” increased by 0.64% in total but lost 0.17% in AB. The third season of the successful Ay Yapim show seems to have retained its audience and confidently holds the main viewership. Small fluctuations in AB are quite natural—this segment of viewers tends to quickly change preferences, easily coming and going. However, the AB figures do not raise questions about the fate of the series; it is already evident that the third season will be complete and conclude in the summer of the next year.

The series “Kirli Sepeti” lost 0.34% in total but increased by 0.02% in AB. Currently, the audience is fluctuating and has not decided whether they like the show of the producer Fatih Aksoy or not. Such swings will continue for a couple of weeks, after which it will become clear whether the project can stay on the air or if it is destined for a quick closure early next year.

1. Yargı – 5.61%⬆
2. Kirli Sepeti – 4.59%⬇

1. Yargı – 6.17%⬇
5. Kirli Sepeti – 3.05%⬆