Hande Erçel and Serenay Sarıkaya: two stars, one failure?

Serenay Sarıkaya vs. Hande Erçel

Serenay Sarıkaya vs. Hande Erçel

Hande Erçel and Serenay Sarıkaya are facing difficulties in the ratings of their new series “Another Love / Bambaşka Biri” and “Family / Aile.” Both TV shows, while successful in the AB group, have not gained popularity among the wider audience.

Hande Erçel and Serenay Sarıkaya are two successful Turkish actresses currently involved in new TV series. Hande Erçel plays the lead role in the series “Another Love / Bambaşka Biri,” while Serenay Sarıkaya stars in the series “Family / Aile.” Both series are quality projects with interesting plots and strong female characters. However, they are facing challenges in the ratings. Both series show good ratings in the target audience AB, but do not enjoy great popularity among the total audience.

Television critic Sina Kologlu notes that both series have failed to achieve the desired success. He believes that they turned out to be somewhat alien to the general audience. As a result, both “Another Love / Bambaşka Biri” and “Family / Aile” demonstrate good results in the AB group, but in the category of all viewers, the situation does not look very promising.

Currently, Serenay Sarıkaya and Hande Erçel are in a similar position. Despite their popularity abroad, their shows have not attracted Turkish viewers this season. Perhaps it is because they both play independent and successful women who are not afraid to assert their rights. In any case, even the failures of new projects should not discourage fans of the stars; both are talented actresses with every chance of success.

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