Özge Özpirinçci: “Sandık Kokusu”, an unusual image

Özge Özpirinçci

Özge Özpirinçci

Özge Özpirinççi is back in the spotlight with her new TV series, “The Smell of the Chest / Sandık Kokusu.” In a recent interview, the acclaimed actress discussed the challenges and rewards of her new project and expressed her delight with its successful launch.

After the success of her three-season series “Woman,” Özge Özpirinçci took a break from television to focus on her daughter, Mercan. However, she returned to the set for her new project, which she is excited to be a part of.

The actress noted that she was pleased with the positive reviews she received after the launch of the new series. Özge stressed that her character in “The Smell of the Chest” is different from her previous roles. She plays a mother of three children. The actress expressed satisfaction that the new project gave her the opportunity to play in an unusual image, and she considers the socio-economic status of her character to be the best of all her projects.

Describing her first impressions of her new character and her image, Özge noted that it was somewhat unusual after her previous projects, where the emphasis was on the script, characters, and plot. Returning to work, the actress expressed her joy at being able to work again with a great team.


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