New Netflix Turkish TV shows 2020/21. Part 1

is gradually taking over the Turkish market, inviting the most famous actors and working with the most talented directors. Here are 15 projects that subscribers will see soon!

According to Netflix management, the number of subscribers in Turkey in just a year increased by 500%, reaching 2 million 200 thousand by the winter of 2020. At the same time, the Turkish series produced by Netflix , The Gift,   managed to gain popularity not only in the Homeland, but also far beyond its borders.

Not surprisingly, for the Netflix management the production of shows in cooperation with Turkish producers is one of the priority areas for further development. Moreover, the digital platform officially introduced the new category Made in Turkey. This means that from now on Netflix is ​​going to actively develop the Turkish original production.

So far, the chief PR manager of Netflix for Turkey and the Middle East Artanç Savaş has officially announced the preparation of three new large Netflix projects in cooperation with Turkish producers. However, in fact, there are many more. The policy of the digital platform is quite restrained – first they make the project, and then officially announce it. So what do we know from unofficial sources? What Netflix series are waiting for us in the next year?

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