Why was Kenan Doğulu banned from entering the United States?

Kenan Doğulu and Beren Saat

Kenan Doğulu and Beren Saat

Kenan Doğulu faced an unpleasant situation as his wife Beren Saat traveled to the United States alone due to his denied entry.

Kenan, seen at the GQ Men Of The Year awards ceremony, explained that Beren is currently abroad for an exciting project. He mentioned receiving his award and returning to the studio immediately.

Additionally, it was revealed that the music video for Beren Saat’s first song from her self-written and composed album was being filmed in Los Angeles these days.

Kenan Doğulu couldn’t accompany his wife in the video shoot due to the cancellation of his Green Card application to travel to the US. Beren Saat went to the US alone. Kenan has a house and a music company in America, but he has been unable to meet the conditions for obtaining a Green Card. He has submitted the necessary applications and is awaiting a resolution on this matter.

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