Turkish drama gala in Miami

Ceyda Ateş

Ceyda Ateş

A special event in Miami celebrated a decade of Turkish drama in Latin America. The event was attended by leading actors from Turkish series who enjoy great popularity in the region.

One of the brightest stars of the evening was Neslihan Atagül. The actress, widely known for the series “Endless Love,” was recognized as the “Queen of Turkish Drama.” Neslihan Atagül delivered a thank-you speech on stage in Spanish, delighting the audience.

Another star of the evening was Barış Kılıç. The actor was honored with the prestigious “Career Achievement” award. “This award is very important to me,” admitted Barış. “I am glad that Turkish series resonate with viewers in Latin America. It speaks to the fact that we are doing something significant.”

Yiğit Koçak and Lizge Cömert, who play the lead roles in the series “For my family,” were also awarded at the event. The duo received an award for their contribution to the success of the series in Latin America.

The success of Turkish TV shows in Latin America is just one example of how well Turkish TV shows are doing all over the world. Turkish films and series are broadcast in over 150 countries, with audiences numbering in the billions.

This success can be attributed to various factors, including the high quality of Turkish cinematography, the attractiveness of Turkish actors and actresses, and the universality of Turkish series plots that touch on relevant themes understood by audiences worldwide.

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