Hazal Subaşı has revealed her plans after the conclusion of ‘Dilek Taşı’

Hazal Subaşı

Hazal Subaşı

After completing her work on the series “Stone of Desires,” (Dilek Taşı) Hazal Subaşı shared her plans. Despite the involvement of the talented actor Salih Bademci, the series did not attract sufficient attention and was concluded due to low ratings.

Hazal, who portrayed a role in the series alongside Ozan Dolunay, shared her perception of the project, noting that she felt tired but remained satisfied with the filming, which concluded with the 20th episode. Planning to take a break, the actress revealed that her first destination abroad would be Italy, followed by Greece and Cappadocia.

Although Hazal Subaşı will return to the set for new projects, she expressed a desire to first enjoy her break and relax before diving back into creative work.

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