Barış Arduç is preparing for a romantic drama

Barış Arduç

Barış Arduç

Great news for fans of Barış Arduç. The famous actor shared information about the new movie “Another Love” in which he will star this summer in Çeşme.

Barış Arduç, who is the face of the men’s fashion brand Kiğılı, shared the first information about the movie “Bir Başka Aşk” (Another Love), which will be shot this summer in Çeşme, at yesterday’s event.

The actor has recently been in the spotlight thanks to a new advertising film in which he demonstrated his charismatic and attractive image. He also talked about his new project, which his fans are eagerly awaiting. After signing an exclusive deal with O3 Medya, under which he will act in the company’s films and series, Barış will start shooting the romantic drama in Çeşme this summer.

The script for the movie “Another Love” was written by Ceylan Naz Baylan, the author of the popular TV series “Evermore”. Barış Arduç will play the role of a famous businessman, but his co-star, the director and the platform on which the movie will be shown are still unknown.

At the event, the actor stated: “We have a feature film project. Most likely, it will be shown on one of the digital platforms. In the first week of June, we will go on set. The shooting will take place in the Aegean region.”

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