Did Barış Arduç miss the starring role?

Could Barış Arduç play Yamaç Koçovali? Is it true that initially he was to become the star of the series ? We’ve been trying to get into that.

The well-known journalist Birsen Altuntaş informed that initially Barış Arduç was considered to star in the series Çukur (then the title of the project was Aras). However, after Barış refused, the role was given to , the title of the series was changed and here in the third season of the successful hit Barış had to join the show where he could be a leading actor as the supporting character.

Fans of Aras Bulut argue that Birsen is wrong and the role was originally written for the star of the series Çukur. That this role was created for Aras was explicitly stated by the creator of project Gökhan Horzum. He wrote Yamaç with the image of Aras Bulut İynemli in his head. So who is right?

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