Hande Erçel talked about her relationships and future project

Hande Erçel

Hande Erçel

Recently, Hande Erçel was spotted leaving an acting agency in Levent. Responding to journalists’ questions, the actress commented on rumors of her possible partnership with Barış Arduç. She emphasized that she cannot make any official statements yet as the project is still under discussion. Erçel noted that she will appear on the screen only with a project that she likes and that brings her satisfaction. She also refused to reveal any details about her character, partner, or plot in order not to speculate on unconfirmed information.

When asked about her recent vacation with the family of her future spouse, Hande clarified that it was a holiday with friends. She stressed that the time spent with friends was very enjoyable and fun.

Journalists also reminded her of rumors that she and Hakan Sabancı had broken up. Hande clearly denied these reports, stating that things are going well with Hakan and their relationship remains strong.

Furthermore, Hande Erçel shared her plans for the near future. She mentioned that she is heading to the Cannes Film Festival, which she finds very exciting. The actress noted that she has not yet packed her suitcase and plans to prepare for the trip right after the meeting. In Cannes, she intends to combine work with leisure and plans to stay there for some time.

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