Kıvanç + Çağatay + Kenan = Star cruise

Kıvanç + Çağatay + Kenan

Kıvanç + Çağatay + Kenan

Kenan İmirzalioğlu decided to invite to his luxury sailing yacht, which he leases for 5 thousand 250 euros a day. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ with his wife and with his sweetheart Duygu Sarışın.

Currently, Kıvanç and Çağatay are busy on the set. Kıvanç is shooting in Yilmaz Erdogan’s film Organize İşler 2, and Çağatay works on the set of the series The Protector. Obviously, the star tour starts after the end of the filming.

The actors will sail around such beautiful places as Gocek, Fethiye, Greek Islands… So Duygu Sarışın changes the status of another sweetheart of Çağatay to the status of his life companion. She will spend the vacation with the spouses of Mr. Tatlıtuğ and İmirzalioğlu.

The entire voyage is paid by Kenan İmirzalioğlu.


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