Why the leading actors left Prisoner of love?

As some Turkish bloggers report, Star TV is making every effort to convince Erkan Meriç and Hazal Subaşı to change their decision and not give up the contract for the third season of the series Prisoner of love / Adini Sen Koy. Despite the fact that the producers plan to introduce three new pairs in this daytime project, the channel still understands that without Hazal and Erkan they will lose a lot of viewers.

However, as it became known, Hazal Subaşı decided to leave last month, having received an offer from another television company to shoot in the film. Negotiations with Erkan Meriç were unsuccessful – he was not too inspired by the idea of ​​getting a new partner, besides, fatigue from many years of work and a small salary affected. In the end, the parties decided to part ways.

In this situation, it is almost impossible to return the actors, so the hopes of the fans are most likely in vain. Whether Erkan and Hazal have specific proposals to star in prime-time serials is still unknown.

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