Barış Arduç in the new series?

According to the publication of Akşam Life magazine, the television company TIMS Productions has started preparing a new TV series Love for Love / Sevene Kadar Aşk in the association of Star TV channel. Starring – Barış Arduç and Aybüke Pusat. Haluk Bilginer who was a star of the Internet series of Ay Yapim “Personality” is also in the cast. Barış will play the role of a prosecutor, Aybüke will appear in the role of a teacher. There will be an emotional upheaval between them.

However, a well-known journalist Ranini denied reports that Barış Arduç will work with the TIMS Production. She claims that the actor will return to the screens of Turkey in the near future with the series of the Ay Yapim company. Selection of cast members in the series has not yet begun, so the information about the partner of Barış is clearly premature.

Time will show who is right. We can only wait for the development of events.


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