Çağatay Ulusoy: prestige or money?

The tabloids of Turkey noted with surprise that having acted in the series Çağatay has earned quite a bit. Journalists do not go into details, but they notice that this figure corresponds to the earnings of some TV hosts or even less. But Çağatay is a much bigger star than television presenters. It turns out that he worked for prestige, and not for reward. Will you be satisfied only with prestige? – the paparazzi are asking.

However, as already mentioned, the actor could hardly afford a luxurious lifestyle (expensive cars, a yacht, a huge house), if he relied only on his modest fees. He basically does not ask a lot of money for projects and he doesn’t do commercials. But he has established business contacts with the most famous Turkish businessmen, and the actor took up business while filming in the series I called her Feriha.

It is no coincidence that right before the flight to the US, he was caught at a business dinner in the company of Vadistanbul owner Serhan Cetinsaya and businessman Nurullah Mert Kahyaoglu. According to journalists, business issues were discussed. Note that the businessmen sitting at the small table “cost” several hundred million dollars, so Çağatay can continue to do what gives him pleasure because he earns money in a real business.

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