Beren Saat in the new Netflix series

Beren Saat in the new Netflix series

Beren Saat in the new Netflix series

Netflix Internet platform continues to increase its presence in the Turkish media market. As we already reported earlier, quite satisfied with the result of work in the first Turkish-American series with Çağatay Ulusoy in the leading role, the company’s managers planned two new series together with their Turkish colleagues. Also, our forecasts were confirmed in the names of actresses involved in the project.

On Wednesday, November 21, Netflix officially greeted one of the brightest stars in Turkey, Beren Saat. At the same time, viewers were hinted that we were in for an exciting story about a strong woman, like Queen Elizabeth (the TV series Crown), Claire Underwood (The House of Cards), Annie (Maniac), Tokyo (Money Heist), Ruth Wilder (Glitter) and Jessica Jones (Marvel). Who will be her partner in the new series is still unknown. The names of Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Mehmet Günsür are cited.

The news of the return of the star stirred up Turkish social networks. The hashtag with the name of the actress has moved to the second position on Twitter.

According to unconfirmed information on December 5, Beren will be present at the gala premiere of the series with Çağatay Ulusoy as one of the stars of the Netflix.

Thus, it became clear why the series Dynasty “lost” the leading female character. Now the producers offered the main role in this project to Bergüzar Korel, although for two years the series was developed for Beren Saat.

The intrigue around the second Netflix series, which is also preparing for the release, also remains. Is it about the Fatih docudrama, which is done by American filmmakers? Or will it be a series? Recall that according to yet unconfirmed information, Netflix plans to invite Hazal Kaya to work in the second series. However, while the actress is busy on the series Our Story, no official statements will be made. There are also persistent rumors that Çağatay Ulusoy extended the contract with Netflix. With whom Çağatay will work in the new series? With Beren Saat? With Hazal Kaya? Or will he go to an English-language project on a platform unrelated to Turkey? We’re staying on top of this developing story for you.

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