Acun Ilicali wants to work with Cansu Dere

Acun Ilicali wants to work with Cansu Dere

wants to work with

According to Turkish bloggers, Cansu Dere signed a contract not with Fatih Aksoy, but directly with the owner of TV8 channel Acun Ilicali, who agreed to pay the actress a very substantial fee (Aksoy is famous for his stinginess and negotiations with Cansu continued for a very long time until Acun himself intervened). The official announcement that the actress will be the face of the channel in the new season will be made in April, while the company Med Yapim is developing a script for the new series. The candidate for the main male role has not yet been found, although they say that Acun would like to see Kaan Urgancıoğlu as the leading man of the series.

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