Is Hazal Kaya pregnant?

Hazal Kaya joined the baby shower party, which was held by Sinem Uslu in honor of the imminent birth of her twins, Mustafa and Kemal. Hazal made some interesting statements about the information about her that appeared in the press recently.  First of all, the actress denied information about her pregnancy. She is not pregnant, but she loves children very much and of course, she wants to have them in the future.

Hazal also answered the journalists’ question whether there were any problems between her and Beren Saat, because of which she did not call the last one to the wedding. The actress laughed, saying that people confuse real life and TV shows, taking their standoff in the TV series “Aşk-ı Memnu” for reality. In fact, there are no intrigues or contradictions between them.

By the way, at the same time with these statements, NTV reported to its viewers that Netflix’s Internet platform had begun preparing the first Turkish-American film. Starring: , Hazal Kaya and Anthony Hopkins. Whether the information of the TV journalists turns out to be true or not we will find out very soon, however, one thing is clear – Hazal’s career is on the rise and for now, it’s too early to think about children.

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