Does Hazal Kaya want to be a mother?

Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay marriage

and marriage

Earlier it was reported that Hazal Kaya loaned Dr. Başaran Ruhet Genç, who could not pay the debt after which the money was demanded of him. The actress herself denied the news of the debt.

This week, the details of what happened appeared. Indeed, there was no talk of debt. As it turned out, Hazal and her husband Ali Atay rented a house from Mr. Başaran, making an advance payment for the year in the amount of 192 thousand Turkish lira. However, the newlyweds didn’t manage to enjoy the charms of family life – there was an unbearable smell of mold in the house. The couple hired experts who issued an official conclusion that the house was not suitable for living, broke the lease agreement and demanded an advance payment from the rogue landlord. However, he refused to pay, after which a lawsuit was filed. The court satisfied the requirements of the actress and the money from Mr. Başaran was seized by the bailiffs. He filed a counterclaim, insisting that he suffered not only material but also moral damage.

The lawyer of the couple, Kaya-Atay, in a statement to the court confirmed that the stay in the house was unbearable and spoiled the spouses with the happiest moments. The statement of the lawyers indicated that the young woman wants to become a mother, however, such stress adversely affects her health. However, this is more like an ordinary lawyer trick, designed to evoke sympathy from the judges, who are usually quite traditional and believe that since a woman is married, it is time to give birth.

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