Hazal Kaya returns in a new series

Hazal Kaya returns in a new series

Hazal Kaya returns in a new series

Hazal Kaya once again delighted her fans. After finishing the film, the actress is not going to stay at home, but is already preparing to work on the new series. She announced this in person!

Hazal Kaya, who was last seen in Our Story / Bizim Hikaye series, became a mother last November. However, the actress, who from the beginning stated that she did not think to take a break from her acting career and the child would not interfere with her work, was true to her word. She is currently starring in the Medyapim film What can I do / Benden ne olur with Onur Tuna, Enis Arikan and Nur Fettahoglu.

And so, fans of the Turkish screen superstar received another pleasant news. Hazal took part in Ezgi Mola’s show and personally announced that she would most likely start working on a new series. She loved one story, and she doesn’t mind being back on the screen this TV season. Whether she can combine motherhood and work she doesn’t know yet, but she was already working when she was pregnant on the set of the series Our Story, so she probably can.

Looks like Hazal’s fans are about to see the actress on their screens. Of course, there was speculation as to which series the actress could return to. Perhaps it will be either a new project by Medyapim, with which she has already made two successful TV shows  “The girl named Feriha” and “Our Story”. But it is also possible that she will collaborate with the producers of the company OGM Pictures, with whom her agent Engin Aykant is actively working. We remind you that three actors of the agency are engaged in the series and films of this company – Çağatay Ulusoy, Farah Zeynep Abdullah and Halit Ozgur Sari.

Also, fans of the star will finally see her with her husband together on the screen. As it became known, Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay, whose marriage delights the Turkish viewer with sincerity of feelings, received an offer from the e-commerce brand for a very serious amount (the amount of the contract was not specified, journalists write about the “millionth agreement”). The couple is evaluating the offer and is currently at the stage of signing a contract. It means that we’re about to see a commercial of the couple.

The announcement of the new project  of Hazal will follow after the completion of the film in the very near future. The series is likely to be scheduled for the winter-spring television season, but it may be a digital project. Who the star will work with and who will become her co-star we will find out very soon.

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