Hazal Kaya and Beren Saat: enemies or colleagues?

Hazal Kaya and Beren Saat

Hazal Kaya and

The series Forbidden Love is still popular in Turkey and Turkish viewers are still concerned about whether Hazal Kaya and got along on  the set of the project. Recently, one of the actresses who starred in the series answered it.

Ufuk Kaplan, who played one of the roles in the TV series Forbidden Love, in her recent interview shared some details of the backstage lives of the actors during filming the show. Of course, the presenters asked a question about the relationship between Hazal Kaya and Beren Saat during their work, citing the fact that neither Beren nor Hazal invited each other to weddings and this is probably a sign that they did not get along.

However, Ufuk refuted these allegations, stating that Hazal is the sweetest and craziest girl in the world. Beren is calm and silent. She never witnessed any altercations on set. Whether there was a problem after filming ended, she doesn’t know. However, there was never any problem or controversy during the production of the series. And intrigues were only on the screen, there was never anything in life. Years later, everything changed, including the phone numbers. Hazal didn’t invite her to the wedding either, it didn’t mean anything, they just split up after work.

Contrary to the imagination of the audience, the actors are not the characters they play. The worst enemies in the series may be the best friends in life. And there are some colleagues who work well together, but that’s where their relationship ends as soon as the show ends. This seems to be the case of Hazal and Beren, who have maintained a cordial relationship with each other, although they have not become friends. Who knows, maybe someday they’ll work together again.

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