Why didn’t Beren Saat star in the Netflix series Club / Kulüp?

Why didn’t Beren Saat star in the Netflix series Club / Kulüp?

Why didn’t Beren Saat star in the series Club / Kulüp?

The Club / Kulüp series fell short of viewers’ expectations, proving to be the biggest flop among the platform’s Turkish shows. As it turned out, Beren Saat was supposed to star in the project, but fortunately, the star rejected the offer. Why?

According to Posta, the role of Matilda in the Netflix series Club / Kulüp was first offered to Beren Saat, but the actress rejected the role with the words that she would not play the ironer in the casino, she was an actress in the lead roles. As a result, Gökçe Bahadır got the role. 10 episodes of the series were filmed this spring and summer, the first 6 episodes are already available on Netflix, the remaining 4 episodes are likely to be released in January.

Despite the fact that some social media users and some journalists believe that this is the most “high-quality” project of the season, the series has flopped, not hitting the top anywhere except Turkey. Alas, Netflix is ​​an international digital platform, and it is not enough to be the first in your native country, it is necessary to get into the top in dozens of countries of the world, which, alas, did not happen.

Let us recall that earlier there was an opinion that it was possible for the Turkish stars to “run away from ratings” on platforms and live without problems. However, it turned out to be wrong. Ratings are everywhere. Well, we can congratulate Beren Saat: she made the right choice and didn’t get the flop in her portfolio. What project will the star choose, and when she will return to the screens, we will have to find out very soon. 

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