Tuba Büyüküstün, Beren Saat and Cansu Dere to star in new Disney Plus series?

Women stained with black / Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar

Women stained with black / Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar

Digital platform Disney Plus is entering the Turkish market, capturing more and more stars and clearly intending to compete with Netflix. Moreover, the platform management intends to unite the biggest stars of the Turkish screen in one series. 

As it became known, the Medyapım company, which is now headed by the former CEO of TV channel D Murat Saygı, is making a new series for the Disney Plus digital platform, which is an adaptation of the book by Büşra Cebe “Women stained with black / Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar”.

This is a story about seven women who face all shades of pain in their lives: Canan, Suveyda, Derya, Seyhan, Nehir, Eifer and Serpil. It is curious that the audience could already see the story of Suveyda in the series Red Room / Kırmızı Oda, where this role was played by İlayda Alişan.

Beren Saat, Cansu Dere and received the offer to star in the project. It remains for us to find out the names of 4 more female main characters. It looks like it will be one of the biggest hits of next season. The director is Özer Feyzioğlu, familiar to viewers from the Netflix series “Fatma”. The final cast of the show will be determined next week.

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