Çağatay Ulusoy and Duygu Sarışın: sea voyage

Çağatay Ulusoy and Duygu Sarışın

and Duygu Sarışın

Tabloid Takvim informs its readers that and Duygu Sarışın went to Göcek, where they rented a sailboat for 16 thousand lira (2.5 thousand euros) per day, taking a short trip across the Aegean Sea. Duygu herself informed about the romantic journey placing small videos with sea voyages in Instastories.

It’s not quite clear why Çağatay rented a sailboat, given that he has his own yacht, well, perhaps the actor wanted to experience new sensations before the start over the third season of the series The Protector, which will begin in the coming days.

Also, the publication reminds that the couple gave a third chance to their relationship, having reconciled after the return of Çağatay from the USA. The lovers are trying to avoid the paparazzi, so journalists have no choice but to think out the details of the affair themselves.

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