Çağatay Ulusoy signs a Hollywood contract

According to journalist Ufuk  Ozсan Çağatay Ulusoy received an offer from a very famous Hollywood film company to work in a series of films and the actor is now at the stage of signing a contract. If successful, Çağatay will work with the biggest Hollywood stars. The journalist emphasizes that the Netflix TV series Hakan: Muhafiz / played an important role in the decision to invite a Turkish star and opened many doors for him. 

Çağatay worked a lot to improve his English, which is a prerequisite for working in Hollywood, and he also received an acting education in the United States. His work with the Netflix Internet platform attracted the attention of Hollywood producers. The journalist hopes that soon Turkey will be able to be proud of the first Hollywood star of Turkish origin.

Note that Saturday there was information that Çağatay flew to the United States, where he had urgent business. As we know, the personal lawyer of Çağatay, who is responsible for the conclusion of contracts of many Turkish celebrities accompanied him in the trip. It seems that in the very near future fans will hear good news.

Recall that previously there was information that the Warner Bros. considers the possibility of working with an unnamed Turkish actor in a series of films about Hawkman (a character from the DC Comics Universe). His partner should be Dwayne Johnson. Given that Çağatay and Dwayne have the same PR agency, this option is not excluded. But we can not confirm yet that the journalist means this film. So we should wait for confirmation from the manager of the actor.

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