The series Courtyard / Avlu will be released on Netflix

Demet Evgar

Demet Evgar

The actress Demet Evgar announced that the Courtyard / Avlu series had been bought by Internet platform, and from now on it will be released under the label Original. As the actress said: “This happened for the first time in the history of . Now our project will be released as the Original. Usually the platform does not buy projects under such a label, but produces them from the very beginning. I am very proud of it.”

Note that Demet is clearly not up to date with Netflix’s policy. The platform actually bought a lot of projects, so the Courtyard / Avlu will not be the first one on the platform. Among the most famous examples are, of course, the successful Lucifer and the famous Money Heist. Also, Netflix has already bought and released such Turkish series as the Immortals and The Wolf under the Netflix Original label.

It is not quite clear how the new season of the series Courtyard / Avlu will be released. If the shooting will go along with the release as Turkish producers do, then it really will be a new experience for Netflix, although the platform already has serials that are released as they go on the air (Dynasty), but they are still not filmed before the release and not during the broadcast with one-week intervals as they used to do in the Turkish serials. It remains only to wait for further details.

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