Shock for fans of the series Hercai

As always, in the summer, Turkish TV shows are experiencing an unpleasant moment of changing the film crew. Many scriptwriters and directors leave the projects, which causes concern for their future. The biggest shock for the Turkish audience was the departure of Eda Tezcan, who wrote the script for the first 12 episodes of the series Hercai, that became the hit of the Turkish air.

Recall that before the sixth episode, she shared her work with Feraye Sahin who also left the project and is currently working on another TV series on the ATV channel “Nobody knows” / Kimse Bilmez. After the departure of Feraye  Eda’s work caused serious criticism from viewers, who felt that the story was seriously slack. But when the second screenwriter left the project that caused greater shock to the audience. Many are afraid that the replacement will not be successful enough, as has already happened with another Turkish super hit, the series “” / Lifeline.

However, maybe everything is not so bad. After Eylem Canpolat started to follow the entire team of the show Hercai, the users of social networks decided that she would become the new scriptwriter of the project. Recall that in her portfolio are the legendary series like Karadayi, Kara Para Ask, Gülperi, Syla, Karagül and others. However, it is also known that in the new season she will write a script for the O3 Medya TV series “Girl behind the glass”. Either the users of social networks are mistaken, or she will work on two projects at once, that is always bad for quality. Perhaps the creators of the series will take the support team to help her. We are waiting for further information.

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