Will Çağatay Ulusoy become the Sultan?

After information that is preparing to work on two new films for which he signed a contract before working on Netflix, Turkish journalists vied with each other to discuss what kind of films it would be. Tabloid Posta offers its own version. It turns out all winter Çağatay worked on the role of the Sultan Alp Arslan and because of this he grew a beard and gained weight.

Recall that all winter, Turkish journalists discussed why the actor put on some weight, putting forward a variety of versions. Çağatay himself admitted that it was necessary for the role, but he did not specify for which one. It is not surprising that after the disclosure that he is going to play in two films the new information about these projects appears every day.

Alp Arslan was the second Sultan of the Seljuk Empire and great-grandson of Seljuk, the eponymous founder of the dynasty. As Sultan, Alp Arslan greatly expanded Seljuk territory and consolidated power, defeating rivals to his south and northwest. His victory over the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 ushered in the Turkish settlement of Anatolia. Alp Arslan is widely regarded as having begun Anatolianism. His victory at Manzikert is often cited as the beginning of the end of Byzantine power in Anatolia, and the beginning of Turkish identity there.

A few months after the battle of Manzikert, Alp-Arslan was killed by one of the war prisoners.

We remind you that so far all the information in the  social networks and in the Turkish media is preliminary and may not be confirmed. We are waiting for official statements from the representatives of the actor and production companies.

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