Shock for fans of Resurrection: Osman and Sen Anlat Karadeniz

Diriliş: Osman

Diriliş: Osman

On Sunday, July 7 the fans of the Turkish film industry were very surprised. According to the official statement of the producer of the company Tekden film Mehmet Bozdağ TV series Resurrection: Osman / Diriliş: Osman starring Burak Özçivit will be released on the ATV television channel and not on the TRT1 television channel.

On Monday, the ATV channel officially presented the series. In turn, the television channel TRT1 issued a special press communique in which it wished the new project great success.

The event is quite significant for Turkish show business as TRT1 is the only state channel in Turkey and often its funding saves not very successful projects from closing. Serials of commercial channels are forced to wage a tough struggle for existence. The previous project of Mehmet Bozdağ Resurrection Ertuğrul / started quite modestly and was on average for the year and a half. Given the high cost of production of a historical project, it would be closed on a commercial channel (as it happened, for example, with the TV series Mehmet: the conqueror of the world that had the same ratings). However, TRT1 continued to support the series that eventually received the love of the audience and became the main hit of the Turkish air.

And now, after five years of Ertuğrul reign, Osman’s time comes. What made Mehmet Bozdağ change the safe state channel to turbulent commercial waters is not entirely clear. Perhaps he is completely confident of success. In addition, the ATV channel is considered the most successful in Turkey with such hits as the Bandits, Bitter Lands, Hercai and Sen Anlat Karadeniz.

However, the question arises: what will happen next? After all, Wednesday is the day of Resurrection Ertuğrul on TRT1. But ATV has Lifeline / Sen Anlat Karadeniz on Wednesday. The series was renewed for the third season. There are several possibilities. First: Resurrection: Osman will be released on Wednesday (that experts believe is most likely) and Karadeniz will be transferred to another day of the week. Supposedly Monday or Saturday. Second: Osman will be released on Monday. And third: Karadeniz will have a short season and will end in December and then Osman will be on the air. This option is also quite possible since there was already talk that the producer wants to bring Osman to perfection and will not release it on the air before January.

In any case, the task for the leading actor of the new series Burak Özçivit becomes even more difficult. He will have to compete with his predecessor brilliantly played the character of Ertugrul Bey. And without having powerful support of the state channel which is easier to treat low ratings. But to get a decent audience for the show may take more than one month. Will the series have this time is not entirely clear.

However, Burak Özçivit is popular both in Turkey and abroad and the audience will certainly go to watch his series. But whether the audience will stay or not depends on the entire team and above all on  the producer and chief scriptwriter Mehmet Bozdağ.

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