5 unexpected facts about Çağatay Ulusoy

He is one of the most popular Turkish actors in the world. He is the star of Netflix. He gives an interview to the most famous showbiz magazines. Is there anything we don’t yet know about Çağatay Ulusoy? Here are five unexpected facts about a superstar.

Fact 1. Çağatay never planned to become an actor

Of course, like every Turkish boy he enjoyed watching action series, and he especially liked Kenan İmirzalıoğlu who fought with the mafia on the screen. However, when one of the shows was filmed in his lyceum Çağatay reacted to the shooting without much enthusiasm, believing that he would achieve more in sports. He was professionally engaged in basketball, dreaming of becoming a coach, and swimming. One of Çaça’s friends (this nickname was given to him by his friends) advised him to send photos to a model contest, known for “creating” Turkish screen superstars. That’s when the young man was thinking about a career in show business. As Çağatay admitted subsequently, he even made a wish: “to win the contest and to star in the series”. He quite succeeded in both wishes.

Fact 2. Çağatay received the first role two hours after winning the model contest

He signed a contract with the acting agency of Selin Boronkay when he participated in a modeling competition. She not only provided the young man with the first advertising contracts, but also made it possible to work as extra on the series’ sets. He also took part in the filming of music videos. Ironically, these clips are now only known because the Turkish superstar was filmed there. Two hours after winning the model contest Çağatay Ulusoy was offered work in the series The Doctors. He had only to play in a small episode.

At the time of signing the contract the producer of The Doctors Fatih Aksoy, who started a new series, looked in on the casting director’s office. Seeing Çağatay he immediately realized that this was exactly what he needed. So, the boy who just won the model competition received the first leading role in the series “Adini Feriha Koydum” / The Girl named Feriha. For the sake of the role he had to refuse to participate in the Best Model of the World contest, and he also rejected the offers to take part in fashion shows in Paris. However, his decision to commit himself completely to work in the series turned out to be extremely wise. Çağatay not only starred in Feriha but also studied acting under the guidance of Vahide Perçin, with whom he worked in the series. The show brought the budding actor popularity not only in Turkey, but also abroad and is still successfully broadcast around the world, being one of the biggest hits of the Turkish screen.

Fact 3. Çağatay Ulusoy entered the list of 200 most popular actors in the world in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

And it happened after the release of the first US-Turkish series Hakan Muhafiz / The Protector on the Netflix Internet platform. Series starring the actor became very popular not only in Turkey, but also abroad. Not surprisingly, an American Internet platform Netflix that came to the Turkish market in 2017, immediately offered him an exclusive contract. The actor had a difficult choice: either to continue shooting in the extremely popular series Insider / Içerde, or to take a leap of faith starting to work with the Americans. Once again, Çağatay surprised everyone by leaving one of the most popular TV shows in Turkey for the new series that Netflix was preparing.

Released in December 2018, the series The Protector was a huge success in Çağatay’s career. This time the whole world watched it at once and Netflix in its report to investors considered the project one of its biggest successes in the past year. Not surprisingly, the contract with Çağatay was renewed for the second, third and fourth seasons of the Protector.

Fact 4. Çağatay Ulusoy has agents in both Turkey and the USA

In 2013 the actor became the first client of his friend Engin Aykanat who is now considered one of the best actor’s agents in Turkey. Five years later, Engin secured him an agreement with the biggest American acting agency UTA (United Talent Agency) whose clients are such stars as Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Anthony Hopkins and many others. Çağatay clearly aims to work in Hollywood and his fans can only guess what kind of surprise their favorite actor will give them.

Fact 5. Çağatay Ulusoy knows how to break up with women

Çağatay is one of the main womanizer of Turkish show business. Women don’t stay long in his life but at the same time, none of his former girlfriends told the press the piquant details of the affair with a superstar. Not a single scandal with the ladies for 9 years in show business. There has to be something unique. All the former sweeties of the actor speak of him as a very kind, modest and faithful man. That’s right: when he is with a woman, she feels like a real princess. All Çağatay’s affairs end without scandals. He does not talk about his victories so journalists often attribute to him a relationship that never happened in reality. So, there were rumors about Çağatay’s romance with his partner on the TV series Tide / Medcezir Serenay Sarikaya, however, both actors always denied this information. At the moment, journalists claim that the affair was invented by Ay Yapim producer Kerem Çatay to raise interest in the show.

After filming the series Çağatay began an affair with a colleague Duygu Sarışın. Lovers prefer to keep their relationship away from prying eyes, however, they have been dating for three years. This is a real record for the actor. Will his beloved be able to bring this affair to its logical end and will become Çağatay’s wife no one knows.

What awaits Çağatay next? Will he be able to break into Hollywood as he dreams? Will fans see the actor on the red carpet in Los Angeles? Or will he continue to star in Turkish TV shows delighting fans with new projects? We can only watch how his career develops and cheer for the beloved actor.

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