Esra Bilgiç will co-star with Murat Yıldırım in the series Ramo

He is a superstar of the Turkish screen. She is an actress of the most popular TV series of the last five years Resurrection Ertugrul. Will they be able to create an unforgettable serial duo in the new season?

Murat Yıldırım who left the Turkish serial business for a long time after the extremely unsuccessful Queen of the Night series is returning with the new TV show . The project will be broadcast on Show TV channel.

Filming of the series will begin on September 23 in Istanbul and after three days will continue in Adana. The BKM production company is still little known in the TV series market, however, it releases very successful films with screen stars, so fans have the hope that Ramo will become another success in the acting career of Murat. The screenwriter is Yilmaz Sahin known for previous work in the series The Magnificent Century and The Magnificent Century. Kesem. The director is Mustafa Sevki Dogan.

For a long time, the company could not decide on a co-star for Murat Yildirim. Finally, the young star Esra Bilgiç who won the love of the Turkish audience in the successful series Resurrection Ertugrul was chosen. The young woman had the acting classes at the Royal Academy of Arts in the UK, significantly improving her acting skills so many hopes for a completely harmonious duet. She will play the role of lawyer Sibel who will become the sweetheart of Ramazan (Murat Yildirim).

The plot features are still kept in the strictest confidence but it is already known that this will be an action-style crime drama, a bit like the famous Cukur series. Also, Görkem Sevindik who plays the role of Boz – a close friend of the protagonist and Cemre Beysel, who will play the role of Ramazan’s sister and friend of Sibel are in the cast of the series.

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According to preliminary information, the start of the project is scheduled for October. We can only wait for the premiere and expect that our hopes for the triumphant return of Murat Yildirim are fully justified.

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