Who is Engin Akyürek dating?

Who is Engin Akyürek dating?

Who is dating?

He is single, attractive and famous. He is the dream of many fans. But to whom did the famous Turkish actor give his heart?

As you know, Engin Akyürek just wants to keep his private life private. There were rumors about his relationships with Cansu Dere and Bestemsu Özdemir, but his love life remained hidden for both journalists and fans of the talented Turkish actor.

However, the ubiquitous Turkish paparazzi still managed to find out who won the heart of the superstar. According to Takvim magazine for almost a year Engin has been dating fashion designer Nevbahar Doyuran. The mutual friends introduced the couple, but they prefer not to appear together. They visit only small cafes and clubs in Istanbul. In order not to cause suspicion among the paparazzi the couple comes in and out of the clubs through different doors.

The girl is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University with a degree in design. She also studied in New York, learning the design profession, and currently works at MAVI company. Of course, journalists are very concerned about the question of when Engin will officially present his beloved to the public.

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