Can Yaman or İbrahim Çelikkol: who will a co-star with Demet Ozdemir?

Can Yaman or İbrahim Çelikkol: who will a co-star with Demet Ozdemir?

or : who will a co-star with ?

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir are one of the most popular couples of Turkish show business. However, will the actors play together in the next series, or will Demet have a new partner?

Last night, Can Yaman, who had just returned from Greece, gave a short interview to reporters. The actor said that he considers his couple with Demet Ozdemir one of the most harmonious couples in Turkish show business. Their energy coincided, so they had good chemistry. He does not mind working with Demet in the next series. The actor believes that the new characters and a new story can cause great interest among viewers who will appreciate the couple.

When asked if he wants to work in men’s projects, Can said that although the mafia series and action shows are popular with the Turkish audience, they are not particularly enthusiastic abroad. The international audience prefers romances and romantic comedies, so he will continue to work in this particular genre. It seems that Can is seriously set to international fame and is making every effort to do this.

However, while the actor’s plans to repeat the popular pair are unlikely to come true. As it became known, Demet Ozdemir decided to abandon the usual roles in romantic comedies and try herself in the drama series produced by OG Medya for the TV8 channel “My Home” / Evim. This will be the story of a young couple who are experiencing serious marriage problems that make their love impossible. The screenwriter is Eylem Canpolat who is well known to viewers from previous works in the series “Sila”, “Dirty Money and Love”, “Black and White Love”, “Karaday”, “Gulperi”.

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According to the well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, the leading role in the project was offered to İbrahim Çelikkol, who last starred in the TV series “The Magnificent Two.” If the actor agrees, then he will become the new partner of Demet Ozdemir.

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