İbrahim Çelikkol + Kerem Bürsin = Magnificent deuce

Muhteşem İkili / Magnificent deuce

Muhteşem İkili / Magnificent deuce

İbrahim Çelikkol signed a contract with TMC Film to participate in the new TV series Magnificent deuce, which is an adaptation of the cult comedy action movie Tango & Cash with Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone. In the director’s chair – Çagatay Tosun (Silence, Mercy, Magnificent Century, Kesem). The show will be aired on D channel. Scriptwriter – Basar Basaran (Bodrum Tale, Bottom). After refused the project, the role was offered to Kerem Bürsin. He wanted some time to relax after working on the series Lifeless and the film Good game, but he liked the role and he accepted the proposal. Heroes of Ibrahim and Kerem will be called Mustafa Kerim Jan and Mert Barge. Zafer Algoz also will take part in the series.

Hande Erçel, who was offered a leading female role, initially refused and signed an agreement of intent with another company. However, at the last moment, she decided not to do it either. Whether the actress will return to the Magnificent deuce is still unknown. In the meantime, social networks are full of information that pretends to play the main role. However, given that she is a former girlfriend of Kerem Bürsin such a combination is unlikely

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