Can Yaman presented his series in Cannes

It has become a real phenomenon overseas. He is expected in Italy, Spain and France. How was the trip of Can Yaman to Cannes?

Turkish actor Can Yaman, who gained fame after working on the TV series Dolunay / Bitter Sweet and Erkençi Kus / Daydreamer attended the Cannes media content exhibition. The actor presented to the public both his previous works and his new series, which will be released in Turkey next year.

According to Mr. Yaman, he could not choose which of his works is better, because both shows are like children for him. However, we note that thanks in large part to the success of his last series and his unique style, he became famous not only in Turkey, but also abroad. The distributor Global Agency that represents Can Yaman and his series in Cannes, is confident of successful sales, because both stories are based on a good old fashioned love story. According to Can people love such stories and miss them. Moreover, they make you not only cry, but also laugh.

Of course, for an actor this is hard work. Endless shooting that requires good physical preparation and full emotional commitment. Сan Yaman admitted that he had to change a lot to comply with his character, Can Divit. But he tried to make him as natural as possible, so that the audience believed in what was happening on the screen.

Can admitted that he is open to work on original productions abroad, and he is very glad that he is known not only in his native country. Especially he would like to work with Latin American TV companies. However, for the time being, Can Yaman will appear in the Arabic series “Mystery” as a guest star. This was announced by the director of the project Sameh Magdi.

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What countries have acquired the rights to broadcast the latest series of Can Yaman? Have pre-orders been made for his new show? We will learn about all this after the end of the MIPCOM exhibition.

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