5 interesting facts about Demet Ozdemir

She could become a lawyer, but she became a star of romantic comedies. She was credited with numerous affairs but in reality in her life there were only two loved ones. She became a rival to Neslihan Atagül. What else do we not know about ?

She could become a lawyer

Parents never pressed on Demet, giving her complete freedom. However, because good at talking in front of people her mother said that her daughter would certainly become a lawyer. For a long time, the girl dreamed of a lawyer career, but the love for the scene overpowered. Besides of studying at school, she began attending a dance studio and was even in the support group of one of Turkey’s basketball clubs “Anadolu Ephesus”. Like all aspiring actresses, she starred in music videos, commercials, and finally got one of the leading roles in the series “I Will Tell You A Secret” / Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim. The series did not become a big hit, but Demet herself considers it the turning point in her career, because it finally convinced her that she had chosen the right profession.

Queen of Romcoms

Romcoms or romantic comedies that Turkish viewers watch in the summer, when the main shows of Turkey go on a “vacation”, brought the young actress the real fame. Her first show “Strawberry Smell” / Çilek Kokusu did not become a big hit, but attracted the attention of a Turkish audience to the actress. Second series No. 309 / No: 309 lasted on air during 65 episodes. It became the first serious breakthrough of Demet in the world of fierce competition of Turkish show business. Her couple with Furkan Palali was so successful that the press immediately attributed a romantic relationship to the partners, although they were just friends. The next series The Daydreamer / Erkençi Kus brought Demet fame not only in Turkey, but also abroad. The series is successfully sold abroad, becoming in many aspects “a calling card” for the leading actors.

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Dramatic actress

Despite the fact that the role of romantic heroines brought fame to Demet, she herself does not want to get stuck in one image. Moreover, at the beginning of her career, she already had a complex character of the Russian aristocrat Alina Sokolova in the series “Kurt Seyit ve Şura.” The project turned out to be a failure on Turkish air, but thanks to the big names in the cast (Kivanç Tatlitug, Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Elçin Sangu and Fahriye Evcen) it is successfully sold abroad. The new series of the actress My Home / Evim will allow her to realize her dream by playing a girl with a very problematic psyche who witnessed the murder.


Like any popular star, Demet is the object of attention from the largest brands operating in the Turkish market. She collaborated with the cosmetics brand Garnier, starred in an ad for Cepteteb  bank and recently signed a very lucrative contract with Pantene hair care brand. The actress will receive 3 million lira. Journalists note that Demet surpassed Neslihan Atagül three times, as Neslihan received 1 million lira for advertising.

Personal life

Successful series inevitably lead to numerous gossip about the alleged affairs of their leading actors on the set. Demet attributed affairs with almost every partner, however, the girl is quite restrained and not inclined to give vent to her feelings. She had only two affairs, which she officially confirmed. This is with her partner in the series “Strawberry Smell” Yusuf Çim and actor Seçkin Ozdemir. Alas, both relationships were unsuccessful and so far the heart of the beauty is free.

Will the future Demet’s series be as successful as previous work? Who can win her heart? What new projects await the star? We will learn about all this in the very near future. We are following the development of events. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

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