Turkish stars are outraged by the behavior of their compatriots

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Turkish citizens continue to neglect their own security despite government warnings. The stars of the screen have also joined in the struggle and are trying to convey to their compatriots the seriousness of the situation.

Turkish stars continue to urge people to stay at home and not go out unless absolutely necessary. Tuba Büyüküstün every day gets in touch with doctors who inform her subscribers about what is happening. But there are increasing numbers of celebrity voices on the web, outraged at their own citizens who behave irresponsibly.

Alp Navruz resents the carelessness of people: they continue to run along the coast, fish, communicate closely. Whether they try to kill themselves or others…

Can Yaman is involved in sports and learns Spanish at home, while he is outraged by the behavior of his compatriots who neglect safety, walking along the streets as if nothing had happened.

Pinar Deniz, whose grandmother and mother are in the hospital, is also outraged. The actress admits that she leaves the house only when absolutely necessary, and only to the hospital. At home, she tries to disinfect everything like crazy. At the same time, she sees how others behave carelessly, have fun on the beaches, as if there was nothing. Selfishness is terrible!

Demet Ozdemir left the following message on Instagram: “You are asked to stay at home and you go outside. You don’t think about others, you don’t think about yourself. How selfish you are. You don’t understand? People die! I beg you, take action.”

Celebrities try to give their compatriots a simple idea: stay at home, protect yourself and the surrounding people. Whether the Turks will listen to them or whether they will need stronger government measures, we will know very soon.

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