5 best action TV shows in Turkey

While hearing the phrase “Turkish TV shows”, many not very experienced viewers immediately think about beautiful love stories. And this is quite natural, because it is the melodramas of Turkey that are best sold in the world. However, Turkish viewers love crime dramas and action-style TV shows which enjoy their well-deserved popularity. What action series from Turkish producers are worth seeing?

Valley of the Wolves / Kurtlar Vadisi: Pusu

10 seasons and 264 episodes of two hours each, several sequel films, superstar casts – this series is a true legend. As usual, a criminal group that plans to take control of Turkey is the center of the story. However, the fearless Polat Alemdar, performed by Necati Şaşmaz, gets in their way. The original series was created by the famous producer Osman Sinav, who is well known to many fans of Turkish cinema from the latest show Lifeline / Sen Anlat Karadeniz. Alas, the high cost of production did not allow the project to continue, but information periodically appears that the digital platforms (in particular, Netflix) are very interested in the project, and who knows, maybe one day we will meet with the characters of the series again.


The Turkish count Monte Cristo performed by Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, returns to take revenge on his offenders, including the love of his life. What will win – revenge or love, resentment or friendship? The fascinating mafia story, the magnificent direction of Uluç Bayraktar, luxurious villas and sports cars, an incredibly stellar cast are a recipe for the success of the series, which captivated not only Turkish but also international audiences. By the way, the project was purchased for broadcast on the Netflix Internet platform, so if you have a subscription, you can enjoy the intricacies of the criminal plot from Ay Yapim TV company.

The Oath /

This is the story of a small anti-terrorist unit of the Turkish army, that is fighting both the external and internal enemies of its country. The main advantage of the plot is the colorful title characters. Each member of the group is a bright personality, which is interesting to watch. Of course, the special attention and love of the Turkish audience went to the lead actor in the series Tolga Sarıtaş. The adventures of the “blond commander” were highly appreciated not only in his own country. For the role of commander Yavuz Tolga was nominated for an international Emmy Award. By the way, the Turkish army, including the air force and naval forces of the country, was very actively used during the filming. The Turkish military command took an unprecedented step, conducting naval maneuvers with the participation of warships and submarines especially for the filming of one of the episodes of the series.

Insider /

The classic story of the infiltration of a police agent into a criminal group reaches a new level, when it turns out that mafia make a return move by infiltrating their agent into the organized crime unit. The situation is especially tense by the fact that both agents are siblings separated in childhood. The confrontation between two brothers is sometimes funny, sometimes breaking the heart of the viewer. This is a struggle between two brilliant intellects. And when they unite to fight the main evil, a real explosion occurs. Viewers unanimously consider the duet of Çağatay Ulusoy and Aras Bulut İynemli, who played two brothers, one of the most successful bromances in the history of Turkish television. The series was completed at the highest ratings, but alas, there will be no sequel, because Çağatay began to work with the international platform Netflix, and Aras became the main character of the series .

The Pit / Çukur

This series was an event not only for the Turkish show business. The Minister of the Interior does not hesitate to discuss the project, believing that it sets a bad example for young people. However, the Turkish youth  (and not only youth) have been holding their breath for three seasons watching the adventures of the criminal family of Koçovali, who are fighting for a small area of ​​Istanbul. Moreover, judging by the complete absence in the district of at least some hint of police, Çukur is a feudal possession owned only by Koçovali and personally by Yamaç performed by Aras Bulut İynemli. Not surprisingly, the series is one of the most frequently penalized television projects on the air. And one of the most popular. Let’s see how long war with the mafia lasts in the series. And how many times the state censor will fine the show. But judging by the interest of the Turkish audience: the show will go on.

Which of the following TV series do you remember the most? Do you agree with the opinion of the Turkish audience or did you like other projects in the action genre? Leave your opinion under this video and do not forget to subscribe to our channel!

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