Çukur: what we should wait?

Gökhan Horzum

Gökhan Horzum

The lead screenwriter of the series “” Gökhan Horzum gave a brief interview about the project in one of the YouTube programs, answering the hottest questions from the audience. So, what we can wait in the next episodes of the popular series? 

  • Will Yamaç Koçovalı die at the end of the season?
  • Do not ask if you do not want to get an answer
  • Will there be a third season?
  • Will, if viewers want
  • Do you pay attention to the wishes of the audience?
  • Yes, I always listen to the opinion of fans of the series. I am writing a script for them
  • Will there be a Cumali and Vartolu standoff?
  • It will be very hot
  • Will they tell us about Aliço’s past?
  • Yes, Aliço has many secrets that will be revealed gradually. Possible in the third season
  • Baykal Bey – is this Bey Effendi?
  • I can not say exactly. But there is a reason for everything.
  • When will we see Akin Koçovalı?
  • Do not worry, sooner or later you will meet with him
  • Hint what will be the end of the season?
  • In the last episode, there was a scene that hinted at the end of the season.

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