Top 20 Turkish series in summer-fall 2019


The beginning of the year is time to take stock. The Turkish show business, that determines which shows in the past year were the most popular with the Turkish audience, is no exception.

Note that the television year in Turkey is divided into several seasons, each of which has its own characteristics. Light romantic comedies come out in the summer, the biggest projects start in the fall, and in the winter, the producers will release the new TV shows instead of failed ones.

In this review, we will talk about the shows that were broadcast on Turkish television in the summer-fall of 2019. Which of them turned out to be the most popular? Here are the 20 best Turkish TV shows in the summer-fall of 2019.

  1. Miraculous doctor / Mucize Doktor – 12.505 million viewers on average. The revelation of the new television season and the most popular TV series of Turkey at present. Recall that this is a remake of the popular Korean drama and the American show. Dr. Ali Vefa became the favorite television character of the Turkish audience. This is not just another entertainment project, it is a phenomenon of social life that helps people to better understand the problems of people with a diagnosis of autism. This is something completely new. There is no impossible love, mafia, village relatives and other features of the usual Turkish show. Few believed in the success of the project, however, the success exceeded the expectations of its creators. The leading star of the series Taner Olmez became famous overnight.
  2. The Ottoman / Kuruluş Osman – 11.785 million viewers on average. The sequel of the most popular show of the last five years, the Resurrection Ertugrul, that attracted a large audience. Moreover, the creators of the project invited the popular Burak Özçivit for the role of Osman. The start of the series impressed everyone: it was simply the best at history. And, it seems, the story did not disappoint the audience. High ratings speak for themselves. Recall that the producer of the project, Mehmet Bozdag, planned five seasons of The Ottoman, we are waiting for the creation of a state and the transformation of a young man into a wise sultan, the founder of the Great Ottoman dynasty.
  3. The Bitter Lands / Bir zamanlar Çukurova – 8.878 million viewers on average. One of the most solid shows on Turkish air. For the second season in a row the show attracts viewers to the screens in Turkey and it’s well sold abroad. Another hit by Timur Savci clearly shows that a great story and excellent directing, coupled with a professional team, is the key to the success of any project.
  4. The Pit / Çukur – 8.153 million viewers on average. The third season, Turkish spectators excitedly monitor the state of affairs in one of the most criminal areas of Istanbul, where even the police are afraid to come. State censor RTUK mercilessly fines for such a stormy flight of fancy, that has little to do with the real state of things (actually the police in Turkey are not as helpless as shown in the show). However, Ay Yapim television company continues to successfully exploit the brilliant cast, offering an increasingly fantastic plot development.
  5. The Bandits / Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz – 7.016 million viewers on average. Endless criminal showdowns are also taking place in the series of the ATV television channel, and with each season the imagination of the creators of the project comes up with even more sophisticated troubles for “peaceful” arms dealers of the Çakirbeli family.
  6. Hercai – 6.978 million viewers on average. The small company Mia Yapim made a real sensation last season by deciding to film a popular book with a classic revenge story. True, the show lost its popularity a little in the second season and does not cause the same excitement among the audience. However, this does not prevent it to be in the top ten most popular TV shows in Turkey. Whether the series will make final on the second season or will be renewed for the third one is not yet known.
  7. North Star / Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk – 6.774 million viewers on average. An unexpected breakthrough of the fall season, that showed how much the audience misses good comedies. Beautiful Black Sea landscapes filled the series with special views. With each episode, it rises higher becoming a big hit. If you are tired of criminal showdowns and tragic love stories – this is what you need.
  8. The Ambassador’s daughter / Sefirin Kizi – 6.675 million viewers on average. This project was eagerly awaited by viewers not only in Turkey. Mainly thanks to popular actors in the leading roles. The come back of Engin Akyürek and Neslihan Atagül did not leave Turkish spectators indifferent. With each episode, the audience of the series is growing. It’s a solid hit right now. One can only hope that the scriptwriters will not lower the bar and we are waiting for a well-made story from the beginning to the end. While the prospects for the show are excellent, the main thing is not to lose potential.
  9. Woman / Kadin – 6.510 million viewers on average. One of the most successful Turkish shows, that attracted a family audience in Turkey, and now continues to do this around the world. Given the number of episodes, it is surprising that it held such a high bar from the beginning to the end. The show made the final on the 81st episode, forever entering the history of the Turkish film industry.
  10. Warrior / Savaşçı – 5.960 million viewers on average. During four seasons, the show is in the top ten projects in Turkey, continuing to arouse the lively interest of the audience to what is happening on the screen. It seems that the fifth season of this military saga awaits us.
  11. Dangerous streets / Arka Sokaklar – 5.888 million viewers on average. Long-liver of the Turkish screen, that stepped over five hundred episodes. Many of today’s superstars started there. Perhaps right now the stars of tomorrow are working in the show.
  12. Forbidden fruit / Yasak Elma – 5.201 million viewers on average. Three seasons, a change of half the cast and the endless intrigues – even professionals can not solve the riddle of the popularity of this series. Maybe it’s all about the professionalism of its creator? The series of one of the best producers in Turkey Fatih Aksoy is popular both in Turkey and abroad. However, sooner or later this story will end. Recently, the interest of viewers in the project has fallen slightly. However, who knows, perhaps a surprise awaits us. Everything is possible with this show!
  13. Love for show / Afilli Aşk – 4.609 million viewers on average. Summer romantic comedies have a limited time of life on Turkish air. It is not so easy to make people laugh, and romance is good in the summer, but it does not go well in the fall-winter. The only surviving show of the summer season gradually loses its margin of safety, falling with each episode. However, for the romantic comedy this is a completely natural process. In any case, the show will remain in the hearts of fans as a great romantic story.
  14. Lifeline / Sen Anlat Karadeniz – 4.518 million viewers on average. The third season of the show was not as successful as the first one, but turned out to be quite stable. As a rule, even the biggest hits of the Turkish screen end their broadcast rather modestly. But The Lifeline turned out to be a “tough one” and made very successful final.
  15. Hekimoğlu – 4.379 million viewers on average. This show caused skepticism on both the channels and the audience. It’s no joke to remake  the most popular medical drama House M.D. Channels feared that viewers would not understand what was at stake. Viewers feared that they simply would not be interested in the medical side of the story. However, to the surprise of many, the show was quite in demand. It did not become a hit, but the audience of the project is stable, growth is noticeable. Perhaps it will be able to take its rightful place on Turkish air.
  16. Dove / Güvercin – 4.215 million viewers on average. This series has all the ingredients for success: great actors, great locations, revenge, love. The project started quite well, but then something went wrong. Spectators are gradually disappointed in what is happening on the screen. Who knows, maybe after all they will refuse to watch the show completely, and the series will have to be canceled ahead of schedule.
  17. My name is Melek / Benim Adım Melek – 4.183 million viewers on average. The stable family drama of the state television channel, that clearly appealed to the taste of a traditional audience. Given the privileged position on the state channel, this show will go on for a very long time.
  18. Cruel Istanbul / Zalim Istanbul – 3.892 million viewers on average. A typical Turkish drama with all traditional ingredients. Looks like the audience is tired with the story, and lately the show’s been losing the viewers. One can only hope that the story ends logically and on time. Given the change in scenario group, any surprises can be expected.
  19. Love that makes you cry / Aşk Ağlatır – 3.650 million viewers on average. This drama promised a great youth story, but alas, the audience’s hopes were in vain. As a result, the channel decided to cancel the show ahead of schedule.
  20. Your home is your destiny / Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir – 3.641 million viewers on average. Last year, only one episode of the new project was aired. To start, the ratings of the new show of Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol look very good and give hope for the fans of the actors. Will they come true we’ll see very soon.

Every year Turkish filmmakers broadcast dozens of shows. Some of them fail, some become legends. Among the disappointments of last year, we note the series Azize and Ferihat and Sirin, that were canceled without even completing the story. Many smaller projects were ruthlessly canceled halfway. The world of Turkish cinema is cruel. We can only hope that our favorite actors will choose the right project and we can enjoy their work for several seasons.

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