Barış Arduç spoke about the future Netflix series

Barış Arduç spoke about the future Netflix series

spoke about the future Netflix series

Barış Arduç, who was seen leaving one of the clubs in the Bebek district, gave a short interview to the Turkish press, in which he spoke about family life and the future Netflix project.

In an interview with journalists, Barış Arduç said that he was very saddened by the situation in Izmir and hoped that things would be better. Regarding his brief appearance in the series The Pit / Barış noted that from the very beginning it was agreed that he would appear in the project for a short time. When he was hired to work in The Pit / Çukur, he already knew that he would be in the Netflix series, so his appearance as Arik Erdenet was short-lived.

Filming of the new series The Club, which will be released on Netflix, will begin in late January, while work on the cast and preparations for filming are under way. While he is not going to reveal who’s involved in the project, there are still two months to go, but fans can expect pleasant surprises.

When asked about his personal life, Barış admitted that the marriage had not changed anything, it was a mere formality, he and Gupse Özay had already lived together for a long time. When asked if a new member of his family is expected in the near future, the actor answered shortly: “Nothing of the kind, it’s a lie.”

Who will star with Barış Arduç in the Netflix series? What surprises have the crew prepared for us? We will find out about this in the very near future.

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